Sunday, October 18, 2009

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

fast cars, hot women, and violence.

faster pussycat is an epic cult classic, and one of russ meyer's best. varla, rosie, and billie are 3 hot chicks who drive fast cars, and are looking for trouble. varla, played awesomely by tura satana, is the leader who is making all the decisions. they end up getting into trouble by killing a guy whom they encounter racing his car in the desert. they kidnap his distraught girlfriend and head on the lam until they encounter an elderly crippled man who has a stash of money in his house. the film is very talky, with some of the most campy yet awesome dialogue i've ever witnessed. the film is quite quotable, there are some horribly awesome action scenes, and of course a few gorgeous/buxom violent women seal the deal. truth be told this is the first russ meyer film i've ever seen all the way through, and i'm glad i started with this classic. i liked it in the same way i enjoy john waters' films. it's campy.

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