Friday, October 9, 2009


awesome animation, design and concept, but......

9 is a cgi animated film about 9 ragdolls, created by a scientist, living in a post-apocalyptic world trying to survive. the final ragdoll creature '#9' (voiced by elijah wood) has just awoken in this strange place and he meets up with some of the others. they all can speak and think like humans, but are small and have different personalities. they are on the run from an evil creature, until #9 accidentally unleashes something much larger and fierce. the leader #1 (christopher plummer) is stubborn and refuses to let the others try to save #2 (martin landau) when he is captured, blah blah blah. the story is slight, but full of good action and beautiful animation. the main problem is the fucking ending! jesus, it was horrible. i won't give it away, but let me say that it was not at all satisfying. that's not necessarily the point of this film, but damn it was a letdown.

on the plus side, the voices are good, especially john c. reilly (#5) and crispin glover (#6). anything crispin is in becomes instantly improved, so i can't fault this film too much.

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