Sunday, October 11, 2009

Street Trash

street bums, napalm hooch, necrophilia, and much more!

street trash is a decent 80's b-movie. freddy (our protagonist) is a bum who runs around trying to score cheap alcohol, cash, and easy women on the streets of new york. meanwhile a liquor store owner uncovers some really old bottles of booze called 'viper'. turns out this stuff turns anyone into liquid from drinking just a sip! so, bums start melting all over, and some shitty cop is hunting down a killer. meanwhile freddy is just trying to get his fuck on with a drunken whore whom he eventually date rapes! once he's done with her the other bums (who behave more like zombies than actual humans) rape and kill her... then this fat ass junkyard owner finds her dead body, and he rapes her! more people end up melting in an awesome display of b-movie special effects. lots of liquid body parts, ooze dripping from people's bowels, etc. one of the funnier scenes was when the leader of the bums gets peed on and he instinctively cuts off the pee'er's dick and the bums play keep away with it! awesome. the filmmakers probably had some deeper message with this film, probably about homeless people and alcohol or something, but it isn't too prevalent. this is entertaining, but the acting and dialogue are so horrible at times.

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spacemonkey said...

a b-classic from the eighties, over-the-top and down and dirty! i loved this as a kid, not sure how it would hold up on a current viewing!