Thursday, June 18, 2009

Treeless Mountain

slow paced sadness

treeless mountain is a film about 2 little korean girls, Jin and Bin. They are forced to live with their aunt while their mother searches for her husband who went AWOL. the film is basically all from jin and bin's perspective, and hardly anything happens, but the girls are amazing. they run through all human emotions in this 90 minute film. they show human emotion at it's rawest (a word?). they wait for their mother every day, and try desperately to bring her back by filling a piggy bank full of coins, and waiting for her each day at the bus stop. very sad and depressing stuff.
this film reminds me a lot of the previously reviewed 'wendy & lucy'. hardly anything happens, there's no music, and it is shot like real life. very impressive, but overall this film is unsatisfying.

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