Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Limits of Control

jim jarmusch's control

the limits of control is a very slow/brooding film that seems to go nowhere. a nameless man (Isaach De Bankolé) is on a mission in spain, and everything is very mysterious. he encounters multiple strange and quirky people who deliver coded messages inside matchboxes. we as the audience learn almost nothing about the 'mission' and wait for a payoff in the end. we don't ever really learn what the nameless lone man is up to, and that's ok. the style of the film is great, and issaach does a great job as a calm, controlled gangster type. the film lasts almost 2 hours, and there is almost no real action, plenty of repetition, and as i said no real payoff. overall i enjoyed it well enough, but i don't think it's for everyone by any means.

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