Friday, April 17, 2009

Sin Nombre

depressing, but important

sin nombre is the story of a honduran family attemtpting to get to the u.s. by any means necessary. the girl sayra meets a young mexican man who is also trying to escape his situation.
willy is a gangbanger who kills his boss when he attempts to rape sayra, and she is forever grateful. willy and sayra end up on an adventure north, while trying not to get killed or caught. the film is really beautiful in many ways. the scenery, but also the actors. sayra and willy's girlfriend look amazing. this is a little distracting to the film, but not too bad. the film ends rather ubruptly, which isn't bad either, but i can see how it may not satisfy everyone. there are many good performances as well. the 2 leads did a great job.

sin nombre shows (again) the harsh realities that south/central americans face today. seeing things like this make me very upset... for one thing, the united states should be doing more to help mexico to improve thier conditions and solve the gang problems. instead we're waging wars across the world and trying to help people that aren't even close to being our neighbors. oh, they have resources we need? fuck it, let's do something. its upsetting as hell.

my ex was a mexican immigrant and i know many are good people in search of work/money that they can't get at home. no wonder so many people want to come to america. i just wish more was being done to improve their country, instead of blaming the individuals who want to escape from it all.

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