Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead


i'm a huge troma and lloyd kaufman fan. i remember renting horrible films like redneck zombies, sgt. kabukiman, and cannibal the musical as a teen, and i still am an avid fan. poultrygeist is an epic film, much like terror firmer before it. lloyd and his wife even spent their savings to make this awesome horror/comedy musical! the story is amazing, a fast food chicken place moves into tromaville, and build the newest store on an indian burial ground. all hell breaks loose soon as the chicken starts infecting people turning them into chicken zombies. the film is actually a very smart satire on the fast food industry, and the treatment of native americans. arbie and wendy are former high school lovers who find themselves on opposite sides of the chicken/indian debate as wendy turns out to be a militant lesbian out to crush megacorporations. while arbie wants to win her back by working at the very restaurant she hates! the music in the film is actually really catchy and i liked it all. lloyd himself gives a great performance. of course there are TONS of gross out moments, lots of boobs, shit splattering all the walls, the infamous car flip scene, and other atrocities that make troma films great! its a shame that this film was pirated so early on, hopefully more people will choose to support independent art by purchasing poultrygeist from troma.com. i sure hope lloyd keeps making films, because this may just be his best to date.

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