Monday, April 13, 2009

Observe and Report

tragedy and comedy collide

first off, i fucking love jody hill now. first he made the great film "the foot fist way", then he created the hilarious hbo series "eastbound and down", and now he presents observe and report. the guys who produce these films really know how to make a funny movie, and add tragedy while making the audience care about everyday assholes! seriously, the main character in all 3 of these projects is a jerk by most standards, but has redeeming qualities that make us want them to succeed. in observe, seth rogan plays a rent-a-cop at the local mall. he wants more in life, and is given a golden opportunity by pursuing a flashing pervert. oh, and he's bipolar, which is a big problem that he struggles with. he's also trying to win the heart of a slut who wants nothing to do with him and become a real police officer at the same time. the film is hilarious! however, there were a few parts where i could feel my eyes start to swell with faint tears. even during these tragic moments i didn't want the laughs to flare up, they were welcome. seriously, this is a good movie and the best of jody hill's works so far.

watch for an awesome cameo from longtime jody hill collaborators ben best, and danny mcbride.

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chud50 said...

seen it 3 times now!