Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Informers

80's debauchery and numbness

this film was made rather poorly. a few times during the screening i laughed at how bad some of the acting was. and the 'in your face' message the film tries to get across is just so dumb and out of date. oh man, we need to know right from wrong, we need to not be numb to what's going on around us!' its been done to death, and much better than this. the informers is based on the novel by bret easton ellis, who i definitely respect if for nothing else 'american psycho' was awesome. this film melts a bunch of stories together, and each person crosses paths in some way. most of it is pointless, and not shocking (as the filmmakers obviously seem intent on making it). its sad that this is brad renfro's last film before he died, because he didn't really go out with a bang on this one. mickey rourke is decent... playing himself basically. kim basinger and wynona rider look like shit, but that's not a bad thing. chris isaak was just annoying as a dickhead father trying to pick up teenagers in hawaii. mel raido was pretty good as bryan metro, a popular rock star. the ending was just retarded, and i just asked myself... "what's the point?"

5 stars because it exceeded my expectations based on the horrible reviews i had read going in.

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