Sunday, March 8, 2009


unadaptable? most likely.

zack snyder seemed to try his best to adapt the amazing graphic novel 'watchmen' into a feature film... but in my opinion all he did was add tons of style, gore, the word "fuck", and long detailed dr. manhattan dong. seriously, the film started off cool enough, we finally get to see these epic characters come to life on the big screen! but the director of 300 simply can't help himself. the material is good enough, and that's why it belongs strictly to the pages of the comics. the intricacies of the novel seem silly in film context, and often the characters seemed dull and lifeless. its almost impossible to convert a comic to film without this stuff happening. also i was very unhappy with the changes to the ending. the main omission: rorschach's final journal entry. this is critical, as the news boy will eventually realize the truth! damn.

the opening credits scene is awesome. with 'the times they are a changing' playing. awesome...

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