Sunday, March 8, 2009

Harsh Times

bale explodes!

so its nothing new that christian bale is intense, and a good actor. i got this dvd just after i heard his blow up on the set of terminator: salvation, because i saw a clip from it on youtube. i love bale, expecially in the machinist and american psycho. in harsh times he is pretty good, but not spectacular. he's a young veteran who is in search of work in Las Angeles in order to marry his mexican girlfriend. this story kinda hits home with me because my ex-girlfriend was a mexican illegal immigrant. i could sympathize with that portion of the movie. unfortunately through many mistakes and blow-ups, bale fucks everything up many times. his best friend freddy rodriguez (whom i can't stand) is a total loser who'd rather get wasted than look for work. bale isn't any better, and he's a nutjob to boot. the film has some good parts, and some dumb parts as well. the 2 main leads don't really pull off the lingo and acting like they are from the streets, and the ending sucked for the most part.

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