Thursday, March 19, 2009

Two Lovers


jaoquin phoenix gives his best performance ever in two lovers. he plays leonard, a bipolar, depressed, anxious man who is living with his parents while trying to move on with his life after his fiance left him. he is powerful as hell. he has two women show up in his life and he ultimately falls for gweneth paltrow, who has the most problems and baggage. leonard is self destructive, and his choices seem irrational, but his character is so believable and true that it makes sense. there is one glaring problem with the film that bothered me a bit, but did not ruin the film at all: gweneth paltrow ends up in the hospital after miscarrying, but the nurse tells leonard all about it even though he's just a friend! that just doesn't happen, and kinda broke the sense of realism that the film had otherwise portrayed. overall the film is great.

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