Monday, March 23, 2009

Smiley Face

gregg araki attempts a stoner comedy

unfortunately it isn't that great. anna farris seems to be trying way too hard in this silly little pothead movie. she plays jane f. a pothead who is trying to get from point a to point z, as the narrator tells us. she accidentally eats all of her roommates' pot cupcakes and is therefore really high throughout the day. her adventures include paying the utilities bill, going to an acting audition (with the woefully underused jane lynch), hitting the cash machine, giving money to her pot dealer, and of course baking more pot cupcakes. sounds hilarious, and i love these kinds of movies... but anna farris isn't that great (she usually is!), and a lot of the jokes seem to miss the mark. i love gregg araki, but this was a misfire.

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