Monday, December 1, 2008

Wet Hot American Summer

'the state' stars get together to make a kinda funny film

i've had this on video for years now and just now decided to watch it. mainly because i liked role models (made by basically the same people). The movie is decent, and has some pretty funny stuff... but overall it is just kinda messy. the stories and characters are funny, but there are many awkward scenes and dumb jokes that just get in the way. i don't really care for Janeane Garofalo either. all the main guys from the state are great however, and Paul Rudd plays a pretty good teenage jerk. i'd recommend wet hot if you like the state, stella, reno 911, etc., otherwise you can pass.

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Michael said...

I went into this movie with very low expectations and I was pleasantly surprised. It's the one-liners that make the film memorable, not so much the plot. "Throw the ball... yes!"