Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Princess and the Warrior (Der Krieger und die Kaiserin )

beautiful, artistic film, but way too long

the princess and the warrior is a beautifully shot film with some great music to go throughout the story. my biggest problem however was how many very boring scenes there were in it. truth be told, i fell asleep twice during the film, so i had to watch it a second time to get the whole plot. the director and lead actress from run lola run return for this moving film about a girl who gets hit by a truck and her life is saved by a man who doesn't want anything to do with her, or life for that matter. the two cross paths a few times and eventually run away together. there's obviously a lot more to the story, but i won't go into that. the movie is well over 2 hours and they could have cut out a lot of boring dialogue in my opinion.

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