Monday, December 15, 2008


purity, YES!!!

ok, so teeth is based on the urban legends about girls growing teeth in their vaginas, and therefore guys shouldn't rape them. kind of a good idea for a horror/comedy movie, but teeth is pretty much a one note movie. she bites off one dude's dick, then another, and another... and nothing really gets resolved in the end. the purity crusaders in the film made me want to gag, and the main girl (dawn) was so damn annoying. she knew she didn't want sex until marriage, but she didn't even know the first thing about her body. dissappointing all around.


Michael said...

I saw this as well, I thought it was pretty blah - it would have worked as as short film perhaps. Now if the teeth kept growing or the vagina became sentient... now we're talking.


chud50 said...

i hate how we only see one tooth that has fallen out. so chicken. and you can't tell me that those teeth don't cause all kinds of problems with her tampons!