Saturday, November 29, 2008

Synecdoche, New York

Philip Seymour Hoffman + Charlie Kaufman = WIN

i'm sure no one truly understands this movie the way that charlie kaufman wants us to... but that's probably the point. like all of kaufman's stuff this film drifts into the wierd very fast and never really takes us to normal. caden has been given a grant to use however he sees fit, and decides to turn his whole life (minute by minute) into the world's largest play. amazing idea for a film. i love original ideas in film, and that's probably why i love kaufman's work so much. can caden not function in real life, but only through art? can he not make his own decisions, and that's why he needs to watch actors portraying his every move before they happen so he can do the same? does the film have any point at all? is it just one huge pretentious piece of crap? anything can be true of synechdoche new york. i definitely want to see this a few more times, but for now...

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Michael said...

Kaufman is one of my favorite screenwriters. So his directorial debut was pretty good? This is a film I really wanted to see but once again missed, haha. I'll catch it on DVD