Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Rules of the Game (Règle du jeu, La)

Tragic Love. and damn the French!

one of the best films of all time (according to many), the rules of the game is a simple story of relationships during WWII in France during a weekend at a rich bastard's home. The film involves a record setting pilot, his lover, her other lover, his wife, a servant girl, her husband, and her lover, etc. etc. I may not have fully grasped the importance of the critique of the
Bourgeoisie (as I am not French, however I do see the terrible ways of their society during the time this took place), but I do know a good film when i see it. and Jean Renoir made a great film here. Very well acted and directed throughout. Criterion did a great job on the DVD by the way.

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