Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hank and Mike

ok, so they're bunnies...

hank and mike is pretty funny at times. the jokes about them being easter bunnies aren't all that important, and the plot is pretty retarded if you take out that one gag... but i actually liked this movie quite a bit. joe mantegna basically just picks up a paycheck on this one... but i still like seeing him in anything he does. 2 bunnies get downsized, and must find new jobs for the first time. they're a team, and that's the biggest part of the film... that they are joined at the hip basically, BUT, no one has ever heard of 2 easter bunnies, have they?? whatever, its funny.

the ending is actually really good. kinda powerful in fact, and the music is good throughout. be on the lookout for an amazingly hot nude model in joe mantegna's office. WOW.

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