Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Town

ben affleck showcases his talents

the town is an excellent crime drama/thriller written by, directed by, and starring ben affleck. he plays doug, an amazing bankrobber in Charleston Massachusetts (the town). along with his gang of experts they pull off jobs like clockwork. doug ends up falling for a hostage (rebecca hall) he takes and they form a relationship. all the while the FBI is on their case and trying to use any resources they can to catch them. the film is very well made, and it's not some silly CSI style crime drama. this film is intense and realistic in almost every way. the romance and stuff is predictable, and the narrative shifts from affleck to jon hamm (FBI leader), and it's hard to tell who we should root for. imagine a better version of heat, that's more realistic. that's the town.

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CMrok93 said...

A crime thriller that is good more of the time than it's not, but suffers from the fact it should've been great. Still good review, for a very good film!