Thursday, December 16, 2010


very absorbing documentary

on the surface catfish seems like a very slight story of an internet romance, but while watching this documentary unfold you get sucked in and it turns into more of a mystery/thriller than anything else. nev is a photographer whose pictures strike the fancy of an 8 year old Michigan artist who starts to paint many of them. the two form an online friendship and her family befriends nev. eventually nev forms a relationship with abby's older sister also online and on the phone. as the movie plays you realize that something isn't quite right about the whole situation. i went into this film knowing almost nothing, and i think that's why i enjoyed it so much. excellent film about facebook relationships, internet life and love, and much more.


Larry Taylor said...

I agree fully with you. What a strange film, but very compelling. It is definitely a time capsule film that we need to look back on down the road.

Jess said...

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