Saturday, October 11, 2008

Eagle Eye

waste of time and money

so my dad and i decided to see a flick thursday night, and the we were between showings for almost everything decent. the only movie we had any shot to see was this load of crap. eagle eye is just the usual big budget action movie we all have seen many times before. 2 hours of shia lebouf and some chick (who sucked) run around in a mindless stupor following orders from any and every electronic display around them for seemingly no apparant reason is not what i'd call a good action flick.

its been done to death before. setup: government builds giant super computer to monitor all security cameras/cell phones/electronic devices around the country... but wait, the computer turns against the government in what it perceives as being a national threat and by using its superior logic, decides the best course of action is to kill the president, vp, speaker, etc. and restore order... blah, blah, blah. michael chicklets is in it too. he sucked as the commish.

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