Sunday, October 12, 2008

Death Proof

zoe bell as... herself? wow!

seriously, this was painful. all who care who the fuck zoe bell is, please let me know. no one gives a shit miss new zealand stuntwoman of a whole 5 years.
i know its supposed to be a throwback to the old grindhouse movies of old, but quentin's pointless 2 hour long shitfest is neither campy nor entertaining. the conversations were horribly boring, and overall i hated everyone in the movie (except rosario dawson who is hot as usual). also, vanessa ferlito (butterfly) is so completely unattractive that it made my head hurt. what's up with her damn left nostril???? i love kurt russell though, so that was cool. planet terror was better by far. this was just a pointless mess, but i guess that's what quentin was going for.

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