Thursday, March 25, 2010

Miss March

dumb raunchy comedy that has some great moments

i've never seen 'the whitest kids y'know' or whatever the show is that launched these guys, but they have talent. the 2 main dudes in this film were unknown to me, but they are pretty damn funny. zach cregger plays eugene, a straight laced virgin in high school. his best friend tucker (trevor moore) is a playboy obsessed sexaholic. the 2 play off eachother well like any other comedy duo. basically eugene goes into a coma on prom night right before he's about to have sex with his long time girlfriend for the first time. 4 years later he comes out of the coma and discovers his woman is now a playboy centerfold, so he and tucker go on a roadtrip to find her at the mansion. hilarity and grossout moments ensue. plenty of win, but also plenty of gagworthy moments (including explosive diarrhea).

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CMrok93 said...

This movie was just stupid. And it's a shame because I love TWKUK, they are hilarious, but they just can't make it for a film.