Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Lovely Bones

good moments, but overall crappy

peter jackson has been one of my favorite filmmakers since i saw the frighteners as a kid. my favorite films of his also include dead alive, meet the feebles, bad taste, and the first lord of the rings. this latest opus of his has some great elements, but seems too much like a shitty knock off of 'what dreams may come'. susie salmon is a young girl who gets murdered, and the film is about her journey through the afterlife trying to lead her father to the killer. it's original and all, but not necessarily a great setup for a film. the scenes with stanley tucci (the killer) are great and all, but all the afterlife stuff is lame and played. mark walburg breaks a bunch of class bottles with model ships in them in an obvious act of rage. it's just not a good original film at all.

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