Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Messenger

amazing military drama

will montgomery (ben foster) is an iraq war veteran who was injured in action. his newest assignment is to inform the next of kin when their child/spouse is killed in action. his partner for this assignment is tony stone (woody harrelson). as the film plays out we learn more about the characters and why they are the way they are, and lots of insignt into war in general. the actors are amazing, and this is the best 'war' film since the hurt locker in my opinion. the acting is superb, by everyone involved. will gets too involved with one widow played by samantha morton. their relationship is realistic and intense... she misses her husband, and what he was like years ago, and will is looking for someone to love. the film isn't much more than seeing the two go from house to house on missions, and seeing them chat about life and stuff at the bar... but it's really emotional stuff. well made overall.

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