Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Astro Boy

low expectations, wasn't too disappointed.

i've been a fan of astro boy for years now, and when this movie came out i was kinda excited to see the characters come to life. the reviews were poor, and i figured my beloved memories wouldn't be realized in this modern 3d film. i was pretty much right, but it was still enjoyable nonetheless. nicolas cage sucks in general, but he's even worse as a voice over actor. he's HORRIBLE as astro's scientist father. freddie highmore is great as astro however. the plot is fairly predictable, and they use so many cliches from kids movies of old... evil politicians, environmental problems that must be addressed, and friendship... there are many similarities to the film artificial intelligence... so it's obvious that we're not getting originality here. but the action is fun, and astro boy is just awesome in my opinion anyways.

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Anonymous said...

I saw Astro Boy kind of because I wasn't interested in Christmas Carol, and holy frack I was blown away by it!!!! I LOVED Astro Boy! So touching and fun and incredible animation. I can't believe that reviews were so down on it. Because it wasn't made by Pixar? Lame, it was better than Up even. My fave film of the year.